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i really fcuked it up this time, didnt i? [userpic]
by i really fcuked it up this time, didnt i? (centraltime)
at June 25th, 2007 (11:27 am)

So, what does everyone think of the new season of Rescue Me so far? Like, love, detest with your full being?

i really fcuked it up this time, didnt i? [userpic]
by i really fcuked it up this time, didnt i? (centraltime)
at May 15th, 2007 (09:28 pm)

current mood: blank

Saw this at </a></b></a>broadway , thought it was a bit relevant.

Benanti, Colella, Miranda, Pasquale and von Essen Set to Rock Out In

Broadway Loves the 80's

Jamie McGonnigal and Joe’s Pub present Broadway Loves the 80's, a concert featuring your favorite Broadway stars singing their favorite hits of the awesomest decade ever!

Directed by McGonnigal with Music Direction by Jesse Vargas, Broadway Loves the 80's will take place on Wednesday, June 13th at 11:30PM at Joe's Pub, 425 Lafayette Street, New York, NY. The cast will feature Laura Benanti (The Wedding Singer), Kevin Cahoon (The Wedding Singer), Jennifer Colella (High Fidelity), Max von Essen (Les Miserables), Lin-Manuel Miranda (In The Heights, Freestyle Love Supreme), Steven Pasquale (FX's Rescue Me), and The Broadway Boys, Jesse Nager (Mary Poppins), Telly Leung (Rent), Tyler Maynard (Mary Poppins), Peter Matthew Smith (Hairspray), Daniel Calvert (Rent), and Michael James Scott (The Pirate Queen). Also performing will be Ellen Foley (Into The Woods, Me & My Girl) who is best known as Meatloaf's partner on his hit, "Paradise by the Dashboard Light." Other performers will be announced at a later date.

Proceeds from the event will benefit the United Nations Association HERO Campaign. This summer, New York Producer/Director, Jamie McGonnigal will be traveling to South Africa and Namibia representing the United Nations Association's HERO Campaign. McGonnigal will be part of a select team of individuals supervising 20 Youth Ambassadors from high schools and colleges around the U.S., as they rebuild schools and dormitories in rural AIDS-affected areas of Africa. Donations in support of HERO's efforts can be made at http://heroyouthambassadors.kintera.org/jamiemcg

HERO: A UNA-USA Campaign is an awareness-building and fundraising initiative dedicated to helping support children living in HIV/AIDS-affected communities in sub-Saharan Africa. This new initiative, in partnership with USAID (United States Agency for International Development), strives to better the lives of children who have been orphaned or made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS by providing comprehensive, holistic school-based support. For more information, please visit www.heroaction.org.

All seats for Broadway Loves the 80's are $25. Tickets available at The Public Theater box office or through Telecharge: www.telecharge.com or 212.239.6200.

leah [userpic]
by leah (fatherleary)
at February 7th, 2007 (02:56 pm)

for all the RM fans, what's your favorite garrity quote?

For me it's more how he says it than what. but i die everytime he says " it's cool,right?" i don't know why but my god it's funny.

jamiemcgonnigal [userpic]
by jamiemcgonnigal (jamiemcgonnigal)
at October 3rd, 2006 (05:06 am)

I don't know if it's been officially announced anywhere, but as a friend of Steve's I guess I can let you know that he's going to be starring in the new ALIEN vs. PREDATOR 2 Film...enjoy!

jamiemcgonnigal [userpic]
by jamiemcgonnigal (jamiemcgonnigal)
at October 2nd, 2006 (07:17 am)

So I need EVERYONE'S Help for this year's World AIDS Day Concert.

There are some brilliant and EASY ways for you to get involved.

Just drop me a line to find out how!


Most of the ways you can help don't even involve you being in NYC! So drop a line an we'll set it up!

Love, Jamie

i really fcuked it up this time, didnt i? [userpic]
by i really fcuked it up this time, didnt i? (centraltime)
at July 9th, 2006 (07:40 pm)

current mood: happy
current song: "If I Can't Love Her (Reprise)" Beauty and the Beast OBC

Since no one else has done one, I shall.

I guess this'll be an intro post? I don't know.

Um..Steven Pasquale is awesome. And has anyone else other than me actually listened to A Man Of No Importance? And how great it is?

That's all I got. :) Let's get this place rollin'!

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